Shalalu, the dog that stole my heart


It all started when…

I went to the Agoura Animal Shelter looking for a dog. My husband made me promise to bring home a sweet dog, no problem dog, no headaches. Every dog there had a bad history, killing other dogs, attacking people, and even biting kids. One little puppy was scheduled to be put down that day. Why? I asked. “Too timid to be adopted.” Wha? The day before I had watched a special program of Cesar Milan saving research dogs. They didn’t trust humans at all so I thought, why not try the techniques? She was a little black puppy hiding in her bed with only the top of her head and her big eyes peeking out. So, I ignored her, threw down my big Mexican blanket and sat with my back pressed against her cage for 45 minutes. Cesar Milan sat inside the cage for two hours but I had to work with my circumstances.

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